Please submit a separate form for each child you would like to register.


St Peter's Holiday Club is free, however we would appreciate a donation of R50 per day.  This would enable us to cover the costs of Holiday Club,  and to keep it running at our usual high standard.  If you can also afford  to sponsor a more disadvantaged child, we would be very grateful!



Allergies / Other information

Permission for photography and publication


By completing this form and ticking the box below, I understand that attendance of this event is undertaken at the above mentioned child’s own risk and I / we indemnify, hold blameless and absolve St Peters Church, and any of it’s staff, members and Holiday Club leaders, against all or any claims of whatsoever nature that may arise as a result of my child attending the above mentioned outing.

I further request that the leader / s in charge act IN LOCO PARENTIS during this event.   I understand that in the case of any illness or accident where medical attention is required, the cost thereof will be my liability.